Friday, May 23, 2008

"So Long!" And..."Why it's been so long?"

All right chickens. It's been a pathetic two months of blank blog-ed-ness.
I've got back posts saved up and forward posts in the ole' noggin anxious to escape.

I've successfully moved out of Gainesville, Florida, to Philadelphia,PA.

With the multitude of new directions I'm taking "IRLs", I've decided to make this blog more personal than I had originally planned. I'm still making things and designing like mad, (those are the back-logged posts I still need to clean up and slap up here), but as I've left so many loved ones back in the Purdy Souf I'd like to keep this blog-a-log up dated for "all y'alls" to keep track of my Mid-Atlantic shenanigans.

So revel in your Internet voyeurism and enjoy your new found interest in my affairs.