Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bedrest and beyond

Like the expulsion from Eden, my post-hospital bed rest was replete with cursed suffering. Not long after absconding from my foggy, supine corner of the ICU, the pain returned with vicious ardor. My enthusiasm for freedom was extinguished with the realization that being on an IV drip of Dilaudid for three days lead me to greatly under appreciate or even realize my injuries. For three much longer and unfortunately much more cognizant days I endured mental and physical battles with low energy, low appetite, and a most uncharacteristic sluggish wit.

While I am an acidic pickle I am absolutely not one to dilly dally. The very day I felt completely not-so-bad-ish I set off with the vigor of a fifteen-year-old house cat to resume fulfillment of my life's goals, dreams and aspirations. I'm very happy to say that I finally found some work. I have merrily joined the ranks of the post-collegiate purposefully underemployed, as I will now be (wo)manning the sales front of a very fine shop. This shop deals in all matters pertaining to the bicycle, and hence this career move places me somewhere between cannon fodder and Civil War Reenactor on the battle ground that is the cycling industry.

I now have the life-affirming pleasure of enlightening the layperson on all topics surrounding the glory that be: the bicycle. Aside from the obvious perks of working with awesome, interesting, like-minded people, I am also the lucky recipient of vast amounts of mechanical knowledge to which I am accepting with pious reverence and perhaps poorly concealed avarice.

A week spent on cajoling my liver to re-congeal and landing a steady job did not sate my appetite for exhaustion. I've also been in steady preparation for the great big R5 Productions Flea Market, at which I will likely sell out of my impeccably designed and highly limited batch goods. Because of this I seriously advise all planning on dropping by to come to my table first, to spend all your money on my stuff, and also to donate pizza and beer to my needy stomach. Seriously.

Happy riding.

It's coming