Saturday, January 7, 2012

In with the new for two zero one two.

In the last few years since writing in this blog, I left off with my status as a serious, amateur, yet dedicated (SAD) cyclist. In that time I have become more or less of each of all three at various times. I finally took the step from only participating in fake race/alley cat/weirdo unsanctioned events to competing in organized bike racing. And since I started racing, and I've learned a lot. Firstly, a few new acronyms and phrases:

DNF= Did Not Finish

DNS = Did not start

DFL = Dead Fucking Last

FTW= For the Win

Podiumed= 1-3 place. Yes, athletes have verbalized this word.

Dick Spot= First place out of the money/prizes/podium (Usually 4th or 6th)

HTFU= Harden The Fuck Up (Online 'cross blogger ramble to Cyclocross rally mantra)

Secondly, I've learned that I am a poor excuse for an athlete. The past two years, I've performed somewhere in between below average and terrible. From this I have also learned that it really sucks, in a deep-down, hurty stingy, I-hate-myself kind of way, to be truly crap on a bike. This year I'm trying something else. Something different and shockingly new for me. I'm going to try...trying.

I've prioritized my races. I've developed a training plan. I've hired a coach. I've dusted off the heart-rate monitor. I've even gone so far as general calisthenics. I'm in deep, dig-to-China-barehanded deep. Next time you see me, don't mind the dirty fingernails.