Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Black and blue sabbath.

Days of rest are highly recommended not just by acolytes and labor unions, but by athletes and trainers too. Luckily resting has always been one of my strong points; and I believe that it is vitally important to asses and nurture strong points on the rare occasion they exist. In my undertaking as a fully committed yet non-competitive amateur cyclist, I have thus far taken the time to examine my strong and weak points to better tailor my severe and intense riding regiment. In this I was mostly hoping to be afforded less training time due to my innate cycling prowess, and thus spending time analyzing myself would have ultimately added efficiency to my work-outs. After a final tally, however that may not be the case.
Here is a list of my strengths thus far:

a) changing a flat on a front quick-release wheel in less than twenty minutes.
b) descending.
c) grabbing and eating snacks out of my jersey pockets without too much veering.
d) getting repeatedly asked "Are you all right?" by concerned roadies.
e) looking good.

And remember- I list these not to brag, but to assess where I stand as I start this endeavor. To prove that natural talent only goes so far, here is my list of mostly technical feats I have yet to master. Or more succinctly-
My list of weaknesses:

a) clipping into my pedals. Specifically the right.
b) clipping out. Both sides.
c) climbing hills.
d) pedaling on flats.
e) braking.
f) coordinating drinking out of the water bottle with breathing.
g) inhaling bugs and choking (see letter D in strengths above).

So I may have a ways to go before I can hold my own. Fortunately I typically ride alone, so there's little to no accountability of even that.

Rest days are also paramount to getting other things done. Like today, I signed up for this:

R5 Productions Punk Rock Flea Market. I will be there hocking my beautiful, life-changing creations for minimal profit and maximal goodwill.
I have some good stuff in the works for this, and you can bet your sweet ones I'll be tantalizing the masses with masses of tantalizing photo-laden updates.